About Us

Puertas Abiertas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Napa that has been operating since 2005. We provide a variety of health, social service, and education services that have a significant impact on family interaction, financial stability, civic involvement, and educational success. Our staff is bilingual/bicultural and trusted by our Spanish speaking community to provide accurate information.



Our mission at Puertas Abiertas Community Resource Center is to work hand-in-hand with Latinos to inspire and achieve healthy living, self-sufficiency, and opportunities for leadership and community engagement. 


Our vision at Puertas Abiertas is a healthy, integrated community where there is no underserved population and where everyone has equitable access to services, resources, and civic participation.


At Puertas Abiertas, we proactively solve problems and support our community’s rights to essential services. Expanding literacy, creating self-sufficiency, increasing well-being, and productivity for Latinos means a happier, healthier, more economically vibrant community for everyone!