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Health & Wellness

At Puertas Abiertas, we recognize the profound impact that culture has on health and well-being. Our Cultural Health and Wellness Programs are rooted in the understanding that Latinx cultural practices, traditions, and beliefs play a crucial role in shaping individual and community health. We are committed to providing culturally responsive services that honor diversity, promote healing, and foster resilience.

Direct Support: Puertas Abiertas offers direct support to individuals seeking assistance with food accessibility, mental health concerns and other personal challenges. Our services include:

  • Fruit & Veggies Bucks Program: Designed to assist families facing hardship, this program offers vouchers or "bucks" redeemable at the Napa Farmers Market, enabling the access to high-quality, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

  • Brief Individual Counseling: Receive personalized counseling sessions that acknowledge and validate cultural identities and experiences, helping individuals navigate their unique challenges (in collaboration with Napa County Mental Health Division).

  • Service Navigation: Our team provides guided referrals and assistance with accessing healthcare and social service providers sensitive to cultural backgrounds. We connect clients to local nonprofit and government organizations that offer culturally competent medical, dental, and mental health services.

Workshops & Groups: Our workshops and groups are designed to explore the intersection of culture and wellness, providing opportunities for learning, healing, and community connection. Some of the programs we offer include:

  • La Cultura Cura Workshops: Delve into the healing power of culture through our La Cultura Cura workshops, which are tailored to different age groups and interests, celebrating cultural resilience and well-being:

    • La Cultura Cura: Seniors

    • La Cultura Cura: Youth & Parents

    • La Cultura Cura: Art

  • La Cultura Cura Annual Event: Join us for our annual La Cultura Cura event, where we come together as a community to celebrate cultural diversity, honor traditions, and promote holistic wellness.

Considering language accessibility, all of our workshops and classes are conducted in Spanish.

Please note that some services and workshops/groups are seasonal. Be sure to check our schedule regularly for updates and offerings.

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