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Legal Navigation

Puertas Abiertas offers referrals to trusted legal service providers, assistance with immigration applications, and other guidance to help clients obtain access to necessary legal services through collaborations with the Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) among others. It's important to note that Puertas Abiertas staff are not attorneys and do not provide legal guidance or advice. However, they are dedicated to assisting individuals in navigating the legal system and connecting them with reputable resources and partners in the community.

Workshops and Services:

  • Citizenship Workshops: Monthly in-person workshops tailored for eligible legal permanent residents who aspire to become US citizens. Participants receive assistance in completing the naturalization application, are paired with an immigration attorney, receive ongoing support throughout the process, and are provided with resources to aid in preparation for the naturalization interview and exam.

  • Labor Law Workshops: Tailored for the Latinx community, providing essential knowledge on labor laws, workplace rights, and protections. Led by experienced professionals and legal experts, these sessions cover topics such as wage laws, workplace safety regulations, discrimination policies, and employee rights, empowering attendees to navigate workplace challenges effectively. 

  • Consumer Fraud Workshops: Educates individuals about their rights as consumers, including protections against fraud, deceptive practices, and unfair treatment in the marketplace. Led by knowledgeable facilitators, the sessions cover topics such as identifying scams and accessing resources for assistance. 

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