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About Us

Puertas Abiertas Community Resource Center (Puertas Abiertas) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Napa, CA formed in 2005. Puertas Abiertas is celebrated in the Napa community as the gateway for access to health and social services, a culturally appropriate service provider to Latino families, and a collaborator with a wide variety of community partners.

People come to Puertas Abiertas whenever they have a need. They know Puertas Abiertas can be trusted to provide factual information and that they will be assisted with care. The Puertas Abiertas' team is bilingual (in Spanish and English) and bicultural. They create a culture of compassion and trust and provide a warm and non-stigmatized safe space for clients.


Puertas Abiertas is a trusted home and advocate that strengthens the Latinx Community through multicultural programs and services.


A healthy, integrated and empowered community where everyone thrives through equitable access to cultural wellness, education, social services, and civic engagement.


Our focus is to proactively solve problems and support our community’s rights to access essential services. We follow our community's needs for expanding literacy, increasing well-being and productivity for Latinxs because doing so means a happier, healthier, more economically vibrant community for everyone.

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I want to thank Puertas Abiertas' staff for the willingness, kindness, affection, and above all that beautiful vocation you have to seek the means to help others.


-Client, Veronica, 51

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